• Veganuary Juice Cleanse

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    Place your Juice Cleanse order today. There are 3 packages available. Each package will include the following juices:



    cucumber, apple, lemon, and mint


    Sweet Heart

    beets, carrots, celery, and apple


    High Octane

    beets, carrots, cucumber, and ginger


    Pure Angel

    cucumber, apples, carrots, and ginger


    Liquid Courage

    romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery, and kale



    Did someone say shots?

    Wellness Shots - 4 oz bottles - $5.99 each

    • Ginger Wellness - Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne
    • Turmeric Immunity - Turmeric, Lemon, Ginger
    • Green Vitality - Chlorophyll, Mint, Lemon, Alkaline Water

    Special Juice of the Month:


    Golden Tonic - 16 oz - $6.99

    pineapple, ginger, turmeric root, and lime

    Juice Cleanse orders must be placed Friday by 12 noon for Sunday pick-up and Monday by 12 noon for Wednesday pick-up. Orders can be picked up between 11 AM - 1 PM at:


    Simply Pure

    707 Fremont St.

    Suite 1310

    Las Vegas, NV 89101


    Delivery is available for a $20 fee.



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  • Packages include.....

    • 1 Day Cleanse Pack includes 1 TLC, 1 High Octane, 1 Sweet Heart, 1 Liquid Courage, and 1 Pure Angel.
    • 2 Day Cleanse Pack includes 2 TLCs, 2 High Octanes, 2 Sweet Hearts, 2 Liquid Courage, and  2 Pure Angels.
    • 3 Day Cleanse Pack includes 3 TLCs, 3 High Octanes, 3 Sweet Hearts, 3 Liquid Courage, and 3 Pure Angels.




    What is a juice cleanse?

    A juice cleanse is a diet of liquified fresh raw vegetables and fruits that help to detoxify the body. Fresh juices give the body optimal nutrition and allow the digestive system to rest and reset.



    What are some of the benefits of a juice cleanse?

    1. Helps to flush bad bacteria from your small and large intestine so you can better absorb nutrients from food. Most diseases start in the intestine so you reduce the risk of illness by adding fresh juices to your routine.


    2. Helps to break old bad food habits and make more deliberate healthy choices when it comes to food and what you put in your body.


    3. Builds your immune system.


    4. More energy, better quality sleep, and glowing skin.



    Can I eat while on the juice cleanse?

    Some people eat solid food while on the juice cleanse and some use the juices as a meal replacement. It is totally fine to do either, just do what feels best for you. If you do eat solid food while on the cleanse we recommend eating mostly plant-based meals that are steamed, baked, or raw. Eating foods high in sugar, salt, and fat are not recommended when doing the juice cleanse.

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